I don’t know
What / who are you celebrating? Is there any theme?
Together we decide how to integrate some magic.
My second mission is to teach the public that magic can be a high end entertainment for mature audiences as well. Your event can be the occasion where ‘serious people’ can witness something incredibile.
From my experience, formal guests are often one of the best types of audiences.
I am the only one that’s special, not the set up! Depending on your event’s theme, we can have a magical set-up arranged to suit your needs.
Otherwise, the magic comes from a normal deck of cards

Every event is unique so my performance time differs. Anywhere from 30 minutes up to 3 hours, but the latter is for those crowds that really loved magic.

The age limit for my audience is set by a very easy rule: if you can drink alcohol legally, you can enjoy my act. For anyone below this age, I can recommend other entertainers more suited to audiences with kids.