“They’ve been talking about my party for a week now” (Claudia S.)

magic corner

A creative concept that suits all types of events. After setting up a magic corner, it will represent a strong point of intereset for most of your guests who want some magic added to their night.

If we find some challenges in regards to space or a full event program, this is the best solution.

Walkaround magic

This is done, you guessed it, while walking around and being amongst your guests. Entertaining them, usually BEFORE the evening starts.

It’s an ideal ICE BREAKER which prepares your guests for a wonderful evening. No special set up is required.

Central Show

This is your go-to option if you want all of your guests entertained at the same time, in a shorter but effective way.

Usually this takes place in the middle of an event, when your guests are already ‘warmed up’.